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Health Benefits of Guava

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The sweetness and softness of the pulp in Guava is what makes this fruit easy to love. Guava is one of the tropical super fruits offering high nutrients for your health. Although this tropical fruit is not always sweet, depending on how ripe it is, it always comes with a long list of nutrition your body can reap because it contains these good components. Moreover, guava is treated with less chemicals compared to other nutritious fruit such as apple and grape, making this a better option during the season.

Benefits for Health

Losing Weight

Super effective health benefits of guava is fore lose your weight and prevent obesity. Guava can be used as a healthy snack for dieters as it is zero cholesterol, low digestible carbohydrates and packed with fiber, minerals and vitamins. Eating guava would provide your body the required nutrients without adding too much carbohydrate while keeping your stomach full. To make this fruit healthier, choose raw guava, which contains less sugar than other super fruits such as apples, grapes and even oranges. You can eat it between meals to keep you energized until your lunch or dinner.

Unfortunately, not only losing weight, guava can also help you gain weight especially for thin people because the richness of nutrients helping your body have a better nutrition absorption by boosting the metabolism.

Preventing Scurvy

Vitamin C plays very important role for your body especially for boosting the immune system. This is why lack of vitamin C can lead to a condition called Scurvy, where the sufferers can lose their appetite, feel pain in the bones, get fever, lose some weight, suffer bleeding gums, feel irritable and many others. don’t let your body suffering from vitamin C deficiency by keeping this vitamin fulfilled. Consuming guava is a great idea to prevent this disease from coming or curing it if you already experienced this health issue.

Treating Diarrhea

Guava benefits for diarrhea already proven around the world, this disease happens when your bowel is loosened. This condition can be treated using astringents, which can be found in high mount in guava. By binding up the loosened bowel, some symptoms of diarrhea can be relieved. Also, astringents can make your gum and mouth fresh and tight. You can feel the freshness after chewing raw guava or guava leaves.

Containing antibacterial properties, astringents can help maintaining the health of your mouth. These properties are also effective in inhibiting the growth of microbial causing dysentery. Diarrhea treatment using guava is more completed as the potassium, vitamin V and carotenoids can make the digestive system stronger.

Guava contains the following components:


Guava comes with a completed package of nutrients because it contains vitamin C that can help your body absorb iron better, while the iron itself is also there to absorb. So, you don’t need to consume two different fruits, simply eat a cup of guava you can get both vitamin C, the absorber, and the iron, the mineral. Iron is needed for transporting oxygen in your body. Along with iron, calcium is another mineral to find, which is important for the health of your bone. Other minerals can be found in guava are potassium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and selenium.


The content of carbohydrate and fiber in guava is quite in a high amount. While carbohydrate might not be good if consumed too much, the fiber can be helpful for maintaining your digestive system since this can’t be digested and it keeps your appetite in control. It can be helpful if you are on a diet. The amount of fiber is around 20 percent of the recommended daily intake. However, the carbohydrate content is much higher with 24 grams for every one cup compared to fiber that is available for about 8 grams. Still, this tropical fruit is a good option to fill your body with the calories required.

Vitamin A

You can find vitamin A in guava for maintaining your vision’s health. Not only for your vision, is vitamin A also great for the bones and white blood cells. Simply consume a cup of guava and you can give your body 1,030 vitamin A in international units.


B-complex vitamins play an important role in producing energy by helping the cells in your body performing chemical reactions. Niacin is one of the B-Complex vitamins can be found in guava and it can support the health of your nervous system. This type of B-Complex is available around 1.8 milligrams in one cup. 744 micrograms of B-5, which is great in balancing the hormone in your body, is another type of B-Complex contained in guava. One more B-Complex type is B-6 vitamin that your body can take in 182 micrograms. This vitamin supports the red blood cells synthesis.

Vitamin C

Raw guava is typically sour, but that is why this is rich in vitamin C, with 377 milligrams from only one cup. Vitamin C itself is very important for your body as it is helpful in absorbing iron while preventing from cancer since this is also a kind of antioxidant. As an antioxidant, vitamin C can fight the free radicals and protect your body cell from environmental damage.